Social Expert (1708 x bekeken)

25 augustus 2017

As a Social Media Expert at Dopper, you make sure we never have to explain in the pub who or what a Dopper is, because thanks to you, our water bottle will soon appear at the top of all timelines, at home and abroad. How do you do that? You take the lead in conceiving, creating, posting, monitoring and reporting content for our international social channels. This is done in close cooperation with the designer and copywriter. You shoot a video without any effort at all, and take a dazzling picture with that same ease. You analyze what content is working and what we should ship off to Neverland as soon as possible.

What characteristics should you have in your CV for this position?  ”” is set as your default home page, if only to see if your post of yesterday is posted already. You know that an Insta story shouldn’t be as long as a Lord of the Rings trilogy, just as you are also aware of the specific requirements on other platforms. You are independent and flexible. Stres? You wouldn’t even know how to spell that! You also write flawless Dutch and English. You know how to convince the team of your good ideas. If you’ve had a brain wave at night about ruling the world through Snapchat, you know how to convince us of the usefulness of that platform the next day at the coffee machine. Or you wait for Friday afternoon drinks, when we are just a tad more receptive.


  • You are always up to date with the latest social trends;
  • You are available and flexible, 32 hours a week;
  • You have a creative hand that writes faultless Dutch and English;
  • You have arguably elevated another brand to a higher level on social

What’s in it for you?

We offer a workplace in a vibrant environment where creativity hangs in the air like oxygen, the coffee is not bad, and the team outings are (un)forgettable (feel free to contact us for references). You will receive a salary in line with the market rate and in addition, you will earn karma points for supporting a good cause every day.

We zoeken: You are creative with a good sense of humor. And that's the kind that's endorsed by people other than yourself. You swiped, shared, liked and blogged yourself through the day.

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